Discover Bloedbessen

Bloedbessen is more than just our company name. It is the unique brand name of our red currant: a natural product of unrivalled quality.

For us, only the very best matters. This is why we set the highest standards for the quality of, care for and availability of this delicacy. By doing everything ourselves, we can guarantee red currants of a quality you’ve never seen before: Bloedbessen.

Discover Bloedbessen


Bloedbessen are tasty and healthy. No wonder they’re a popular ingredient in all kinds of delicious dishes. Let us inspire you!

Our Bloedbessen can be eaten alone, but also taste superb with ice cream, yoghurt or custard. They also go well with salads and fruit salads, on baked goods, and as a garnish for a wide variety of dishes.

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