Thanks to the flow ridges of old riverbeds, the Betuwe soil is ideal for cultivating high-quality fruit. But that’s not all: we also set extremely high standards for our cultivation.

We believe that our plants deserve only the very best of care. Therefore, the process begins with the careful preparation of both soil and plants. The fruitiest part of the Netherlands: a pleasure to work in for every cultivation specialist!


We gather the largest part of our harvest from June to August, literally picking the fruits of our labours.

In this phase of the process too, our Bloedbessen deserve our full attention. Each string of red currants is hand-picked with great care and respect for the crop.


After the harvest comes the next step. Our Bloedbessen may enjoy a well-earned rest in one of our conditioned storage areas.

This ‘beauty sleep’ ensures that our Bloedbessen keep their unique flavour and quality. This allows consumers to enjoy the fresh flavour and crispy ‘bite’ throughout almost the whole year.

Sorting and packing

Our product is far too dear to us to just let it go. For that reason, our red currants undergo careful quality control before they leave the company.

Each string is thoroughly checked by our specialists. We only let them leave the premises when we are absolutely sure that there are no defects. In this way, we can continue to guarantee our customers the finest quality.


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